In Vesta, we speak English

During the last few years, English has stopped being a New Year resolution in order to become

a necessity to all the citizens of the 21st century.

Speak English

In Vesta, we know English is not only a subject in high- school anymore; English is the language for international businesses, the most commonly used among foreign speakers and an essential requirement when applying for a job.

Figures are clear when it comes to talk about our English level. Surveys place Spain the 17th out of the 24 countries included in the EF EPI study. We are not that bad positioned, but there is still a long way to walk.

However, do not panic. Stop considering Spain is a place full of uncultured people. Instead of turning our head and looking away, we are trying to clear up our bad name when dealing with this topic. Otherwise, how could a country achieve record tourism figures?

En Vesta también hablamos Inglés

In accordance with the article published in September 2013 in the British newspaper Telegraph, last year, 8.3 million tourists flocked to our country in August, British holiday makers leading the charge. This is translated in Spain being the third most visited country in the world, behind the States and China, which is a great merit to such a small country.

Achieving this position is possible thanks to our lovely weather, to the marvelous Spanish geography, full of wonderful landscapes and monuments, and of course to the quality of our tertiary sector and our exquisite gastronomy.

In Vesta, we want to take all this facts into account when educating and training the professionals of the future. Foreign languages are a basic tool to provide a quality service, and in Vesta, we are aware of it. That is why Vesta wants to give the best to all our students. We pursue the objective of bringing up the best prepared professionalsnot only in the kitchen. We also want them to be able to give the best service and attention to every customer.

María Victoria González Benavides
- Profesora del Instituto Superior de Formación Profesional de Hostelería y Turismo Vesta

Victoria Gonzales, profesora